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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Relentless Optimist

My husband is amazingly optimistic.... did I say amazingly? .... I meant annoyingly....

His smile is seen more often than his frown. He loves to laugh, even at depressing or difficult times. He doesn't give in to reality telling him he won't get that promotion that he's only partially qualified for. He's probably not the guy you want to vent to because he'll find a way to put a happy spin on your misery.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pessimist at heart. I just have a slightly more realistic perspective. For example, I understand real time frames, where my hubby tries to fit everything plus the kitchen sink into his day-to-day schedule. One day off means he'll attempt to wash the car, bathe the dog, fix the leaky sink, take the kids grocery shopping with him, pay every bill 2 weeks in advance, and cure world hunger. And he'll actually be surprised if he can't get it all done by the end of his day. While I won't be surprised if something gets missed, I have to admit that he does impress me more times than naught. His lofty goals truly do push him to go further, climb higher, and achieve more in less time than most would ever dare. This man could be knocked down and told "no" a million times and he'll still get up and try to change the answer.

But guess what? His persistence got him that improbable promotion... it also got him,... me. ;)  Whether or not he thought I was "out of his league," his optimistic attitude did not deter him from trying to win me over, and it paid off BIG time!
Now we have a loving marriage filled with unconditional security in each other's commitment to one another and mutual respect that binds us tighter every day.
He insists that it's his heritage that causes him to see the world through rose colored glasses. Admittedly, Dominican history does show that his people have overcome many hardships and much oppression and just maybe it's this "relentless optimism" that has brought them through the fire time and time again. I can't say for sure, but I can assert that his optimistic attitude, even when it annoys me from time to time, does make my days brighter, refocuses my mind from negativity, and my life overall is happier than it's ever been!
Thank you, my love, for being my sunshine.  Especially on my cloudy days.