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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dear insurance companies: what are you thinking?

There was a time when insurance companies didn't cover almost anything without a good fight from the recipient or carrier. Apparently, that time is still present. Although I'm not the biggest fan of socialized healthcare, the Affordable Care Act (1) has put into motion a fantastic idea that should have been part of all insurance policies prior to this act. It is now federally and state mandated that insurance companies cover equipment and services for lactating women and breastfeeding babies.

 This should be common sense for insurance companies because not only does it improve the health of the baby which equals fewer doctor visits thus fewer payouts, but it also comes with health benefits to the mother; again fewer problems equals less money to pay for the insurance company. However, from my experience of dealing with the insurance companies to cover pumps and other services it is as painful as pulling teeth. It's a lot of denial and a constant battle on the part of the pregnant hormonal Mom, as well as her health care providers. So I ask: insurance companies, what are you thinking? It is in your best interest to help the client by covering preventive medicine so that it will cost less to cover the client in the long run. And by the way, in case you weren't aware, [exclusively] breastfeeding your baby for 6 months to a year is preventive medicine. It's a small initial investment with a huge, rewarding, long term pay off. Why are you fighting this? And why is it even an issue to fight? This is in your best interest as well as in the best interest of society as a whole.
 I'm not just pleading with the practical economical side of your rationale, I'm also imploring with the moral, just side. Now I understand that as an insurance company there's a slim to 0 chance that there are any ethics or morals attached to your way of doing business, but all joking aside, is there one company that doesn't want to step forward to say, "hey let me lead the way in making a brighter and better life and future for this country?" And not just for this country, but to lead the way for the world to follow by showing that we support moms and babies who want to do what's best for them. To all the moms who are struggling for coverage for electric or manual pumps, consulting services to help with latch issues, supply issues or whatever, don't give up hope. Call that Complaint Centers of your insurance providers and make some NOISE! That way we can start seeing change. And if you're denied, don't give up! Go to your nearest WIC clinic, hospital, or pregnancy and/or pediatric center to get the help and support you need. There are people employed to help you get all the equipment and services that could ensure your success as a breastfeeding mom. Persevere through this trialsome time and I pray that we will see change very, very soon!

Now I'm curious:
Are you struggling or have struggled with your insurance coverage on any sort of breastfeeding services/support?
What have you done to get what you need?

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