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Sunday, October 11, 2015


It's starting to get chilly here in the Northeast. It's the time of year for chunky sweaters, extra blankets, and all things pumpkin. It's also that time of year where I love having someone to cozy up with. Whether it's my partner in life, my rambunctious little boys, or my warm, furry puppy dog, I love having someone to snuggle with. No one is better at snuggling than a tiny bundle of sweet baby!
If ever you needed an excuse to cuddle your infant, here's a good one! As the days get shorter and colder, it comes even more naturally to want to hold your baby close to keep the chill away from both your little one and yourself. But did you know with all those extra cuddles comes so many benefits? Firstly, by holding your baby you give him more opportunity to nurse! While he's hanging out right there in the "breastaurant," you can catch those subtle cues of hunger and rooting, giving you the chance to latch him before he's too upset to nurse. That's one fantastic benefit! More milk means more health benefits!!
What's more is that as the outside temperatures begin to dip, mom can keep her baby's body temperature regulated and comfortable just by keeping baby on her chest. We love to bundle up our babies, trying to keep away the chill, but all our worries would be alleviated if we just hold our babies close! How simple is that?
Not just that, but moms get a rush of endorphins with each warm squeeze and sweet scent of their baby, making mom feel happier and more relaxed... What mom doesn't need that?
Also, research has proven that babies who are held more, cry less! What an incentive!! Not only will you solve your frustrations of "why is the baby crying?!" But the baby is less stressed allowing him/her to develop and grow more effectively. So snuggle your baby! Wear your baby everywhere and throughout your daily routine. And enjoy all the nice bonuses that come with every cuddle!!

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